Volunteers are the lifeblood of our line.  Without their efforts, there would be nothing for our thousands of visitors to ride on to see the beauty of Wensleydale.

Areas of work include commercial – running shops and buffets at stations and on trains; operations – drivers, guards, signallers, crossing keepers and all the other staff necessary to work our trains; maintenance – keeping the coaching stock and locomotives fit and ready to run; infrastructure – keeping the lines safe for our trains to run on; vegetation – managing the never ending growth of trees and plants along 22 miles of line; training – making sure that everyone is properly trained to do their jobs on the railway; and administration– liaising with our customers and doing all of those necessary background administrative tasks.  For more information see our entry on the Do-it website by clicking on the button below

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Volunteering Opportunities

The Wensleydale Railway is a synthesis of two organisations working together to drive the railway forward.

Volunteers are members of the Wensleydale Railway Association (Trust) Ltd

The trading arm of the railway is the Wensleydale Railway plc


Over the years, our volunteers have worked in many different ways to keep our services running and their efforts have been recorded on film and, latterly, in digital images.  They are all keen for you too see just what goes on behind the scenes.  We will be unveiling our picture gallery shortly.

If you want to find out a bit more about just what is involved when you volunteer to help us to run the railway, our Volunteer Support Group have put together a handbook in which they hope to give you all of the information that you need.  Download your copy here

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