Help us to go forward

A railway twenty two miles long – one of the longest heritage lines in the country.

A railway whose track, fences, motive power, rolling stock and buildings all need regular maintenance to keep them fit for purpose.

A railway desperate to forge westwards further into Upper Wensleydale.

All of this needs one thing to pay for all of this – money.

No heritage railway lives off fare income alone. Every one needs other sources of income such as shops and cafes. Even then there are appeals for money to augment these extra sources.

For the Wensleydale Railway, there are three ways in which you can help us generate the funding to move this fantastic railway ever onwards.

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Sponsor A (Virtual) Sleeper

Sponsorship Scheme

Chairman's Fund

Our Sleeper Appeal has moved to a new fundraising platform with lower running costs supplied by To access the previous Justgiving pages click Here