What is The Chairman’s Fund?

This fund was established in 2015 to enable donations to the operating company to be received for the express purpose of dealing with its long-standing debts and liabilities. It has been extremely successful, and over £83,000 has been donated, enabling many of the most pressing liabilities to be cleared.

However, at June 2017 we still needed about £60,000 to enable us to complete the task. There are bonds which have to be repaid, with interest; there are some debts to people who have provided goods and services; and there are loans we need to repay. It is difficult for us to raise new money when these debts are outstanding, so any help you can give will be appreciated.

The purpose of any donations is not charitable, and Gift Aid cannot be claimed.

Cheques should be made payable to Wensleydale Railway plc and on the reverse write ‘Chairman’s Fund’. Donations should be sent to Wensleydale Railway plc, Leeming Bar Station, Leases Road, Leeming Bar, NORTHALLERTON DL7 9AR. To enable us to thank donors and record donations it is helpful if you can supply a postal address, email address and/or phone number.

If you wish to use a card to make a donation, please ring 01677 425805, and make it very clear that your donation is for the Chairman’s Fund. Again, please supply personal details if you would like an acknowledgment.