Akebar Embankment 2014

Update – 3 April 2014

A slow week at Akebar, this week. 47 715 failed on Sunday during the Mother’s Day Express with a hole in a coolant header tank. This has meant we have had difficulty taking stone to site, so it has been a week of tidying up. We have now had 47 715 repaired and hopefully should take the last load of stone to complete phase 1 of the project to enable us to run over the slip site at slow speed. Once phase 1 has completed we need to build up the appeal money again to allow us to progress to phase 2, which will be to stabilise the embankment and improve the drainage to prevent re-occurrence. Thank you to all those who have already donated, but if you haven’t yet donated please consider doing so at Charity Choice website.

 Update  – 15 March 2014

Thanks to the response from the news article on BBC Look North and BBC Radio Tees, we have been able progress works on the embankment to such a point that we will open to the line back to Leyburn and Redmire on April 15th 2014. This does not mean that work has been completed, there is a long way yet to go to hopefully ensure that this doesn’t happen again at this site – please consider donating by going to the Charity Choice website.

Works have been progressing well, thanks to the small team up on the site. Work carried out to date has been to install a drain at the bottom of the embankment, build a haul road and provide a key for a berm. Then a berm has been constructed at the foot of the embankment approximately 3 metres high to help stabilise the slip site.

The next job is to install drains at the top of the embankment and rebuild the slope side. This will take place over the next fortnight.

Up to now, 1080 tonnes of stone has been used, with more yet required!

Sponsor a Tonne of Stone – And Get the Trains Running Again!

Landslip at Akebar

We have a problem! One of the major earthworks on the Wensleydale Railway has suffered a serious landslip. Many hundreds  of tonnes of stone will be needed to repair the problem and until it is fixed the trains cannot run to Leyburn and Redmire.

The cost of this work will approach £100,000 and £10 will buy a tonne of stone and get us closer to completing the job. Can you help?

Donate at the Charity Choice website