Armed Forces Day Saturday June 30th 2018

This day will serve the families associated with the following service locations:-
Catterick Garrison
Marne Barracks
Alanbrooke Barracks, Topcliffe
RAF Leeming

The day will comprise:-
Free coach travel from each service base to one of the Wensleydale Railway stations.
Free travel on the Wensleydale Railway (for the whole route of Leeming Bar to Redmire) for the day, embarking and disembarking according to wishes.
Activities on the trains, including music and games for the children.
Options of activities in the towns served by the train; discounted entry to be negotiated by the railway (eg Bolton Castle, Big Sheep/Little Cow, Forbidden Corner, Akebar Golf and Junior course). (Transport to activities to be provided where needed)
Options of discounted (to be negotiated) meals in towns/villages served by the train

Families to book in advance for the day and will be given a voucher to cover all travel and for use for the discounted offers.

Further details from the Wensleydale Railway on telephone number 01677 425805 or via e-mail